Hill Barn and Hay

Pastel on Archival Panel
16" x 20"
© 2017 Gary Huber
Who can resist a weather-beaten old red barn? Back in Pennsylvania Dutch country they were a common sight when I grew up but they're getting harder to find as one by one they fall out of service and into disrepair. Here in the west they never were all that common, paint being a scarce commodity. Most Wyoming barns never had a coat of paint to brag about. So when I came across this gem along a back road near the Montana border, I shot it from every angle. In the studio I made some design decisions like taking out one row of hay bales and neatening up the distant row of trees but I left the barn just as it was. Paintings can be a resource for future historians to know how things looked back in the good old days of the early 21st century.
Available at Occidental hotel, Buffalo, WY.