Inflection Point

Pastel on Archival Panel
11" x 14"
© 2016 Gary Huber
In mathematics, an inflection point is the spot on a curved line where there is a change in the direction of curvature. In the language of business it is a turning point. Going out with my camera on the first day of snow this fall it felt like a change of direction, a turning point. Of course it had been getting colder week by week from the middle of summer but this day gave the sense that the change had shifted gears and autumn was on its way out and winter rushing in. Mathematically if it were drawn as a temperature graph it could have been the point where the weekly drop in temperature was the steepest. From here on it would get colder but maybe not as fast. I guess that's reaching a bit, but that's how my mind works. I love graphs and charts. Once upon a time I was pretty good at trigonometry and calculus. My head is often full of random thoughts while I paint and this happened to be the idea my brain chewed on while I painted Inflection Point.

This painting was featured in the Winter Landscape section of January/February Art of the West Magazine, 2017.